Wednesday, March 25, 2020

NOTICE: please read (current, prospective and returning players)

A malign interaction between Expression Engine, the platform upon which BlogNomic sits, and PHP has brought about an inflection point. Not to put too fine a point on it: we probably have to change the software used to render the blog, and it has to happen in the next few weeks.

Server admin and former Nobleman 75th Trombone suggests that we migrate to WordPress. The guarantees the stability of the blog going forward, as WordPress is large and well established, but it does mean that the blog will effectively be wiped and will be starting again from a clean install.

The current blog would be preserved as a read-only archive and the wiki would be unaffected.

We don’t have a precise timescale for this yet but 75th will doubtless update us when he can. Last time we did this we ran the two instances in parallel for a week or so before formally moving over at the end of the dynasty; I expect that we’ll do that again here.

Questions and further comments should go in the comments or on slack. Silence will naturally be taken as assent.


Clucky: HE/HIM

03-25-2020 18:47:16 UTC

Is the slack actually still used? Why don’t you use discord like civilized people!

Def seems like the right approach would be to spend some time now with some people working on getting a word press setup and properly configured and then move at the end of this dynasty.


03-25-2020 20:52:58 UTC

Yeah, the slack is pretty active. We did discuss moving to discord but interia. Maybe we should consider lumping it in with the other changes?