Sunday, November 30, 2008

Notice to new members: Rolling DICE

Looking at the GNDT logs, I noticed that a couple of new players, Gnauga and Darth Cliche, did not follow the correct procedure for rolling DICE for their jobs.  Darth Cliche apparently rolled his 15-sided dice somewhere else, because his rolls don’t show up in the GNDT logs.  Gnauga forged the results of his DICE rolls by putting a space between the DICE and the 15 and filling in the result by hand. 

Guys, when the rules say to roll 2DICE15, that means that you need to make an explicit comment to the GNDT containing the exact text string “2DICE15”.  Any other method of die rolling is not verifiable, and thus not usable for official purposes except where the rules explicitly state otherwise.



30-11-2008 19:38:31 UTC

Alright, I’ll remember that.


01-12-2008 21:15:41 UTC

Oh. I figured you just roll a dice somewhere else and fill it in the GNDT, which seemed kinda weird.