Saturday, March 18, 2006

Proposal: Now with fixes, and i still don’t like the proposal system

5-5, timed out. Failed by Elias IX.

Mostly out of fear of Bucky’s threat, I voted against it, even if I’m not playing.

Adminned at 21 Mar 2006 13:57:40 UTC

Do the following things in order

Add the following as a new bullet to rule 2.3 after the bullet noting the 21st floor

22nd Floor - Hell’s Hell: Upon entering Hell’s Hell, a Gostak’s mood becomes Stabbed in the eye with a fork.

Add the following text to rule 2.4

*Electromagnet Man - This is actually just an animate electromagnet that is useful for removing forks from peoples eyes.  It is permanently stuck on the 20th Floor.  When a Gostak enters the lobby with a mood of Stabbed in the eye with a fork the fork is immediatly sucked out of his eye due to Electromagnet Man, which changes the Gostaks mood to Depressed.
*Santa Claus: He knows when you are naughty or nice, and gives you what you deserve.  He both exists on all floors and no floors at the same time… he is OMNIPRESENT SANTA CLAUS!

Add the following text to rule 2.8 after the paragraph ending in the word Depressed.

There are special moods that a Gostak may have when they get stabbed in the eye with something.  These moods can only be obtained as specifically stated in another rule, and are on the same scale of moods as Ecstatic, Happy, Content, Unhappy, and Depressed and may only be changed from being stabbed in the eye with a particular object as stated by the rules.
The following is a list of things that can somehow end up in a Gostak’s eye, upon which their mood is changed to Stabbed in the eye with a thing where thing is replaced with one of the following.
*Fork: if a Gotsak is currently Stabbed in the eye with a fork they may not declare victory and may only have one proposal pending until they are no longer Stabbed in the eye with a fork.  A Gostak with a mood of Stabbed in the eye with a fork may not have their mood changed for any reason unless they are in the lobby.
*Very Hot Pepper: if a Gotsak is currently Stabbed in the eye with a Very Hot Pepper they begin running around very fast, so fast that they may run up the down escalator.  If the Gostak is on floors 17-20 they may role a DICEX where X is equal to the floor number they are on minus 16, they may then move up that many flights, and their mood immediately becomes Unhappy (You wouldn’t be happy either if you just had something stabbed into your eye).

Add a new rule entitled “Santa’s Revenge”, and replace the xx in rule 2.8 with whatever the final number(s) are in this new rule.  The text of the rule Entitled “Santa’s Revenge”  shall read as follows:

You better watch out… you better not cry… you better not pout… I’m telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town
He sees you when you’re sleeping.. he knows when you’re awake… he knows if you’ve been bad or good… so be good for goodness sake!

The omnipresent Santa Claus knows when you are up to no good or up to a lot of good and will reward the little boys, girls, and especially Gostaks as he deems necessary.

The following is a list of things Santa Claus can do.
*GO TO HELL(‘s hell): If more than a quorums worth of Gotsaks currently think that one specific Gotsak (now known as the Screwed) is up to no good then the Screwed is immediatly Abducted to Hell’s Hell by Santa Claus.
*Thou Art a changed man… i mean Gostak: If a Gostak (to be known as the damneded) has ever been to Hell’s Hell, and there are currently no Gostak who thinks that e is up to no good, then the damnded receives one piece of cheese.  This may only happen once per Gostak.

( Currently there is no way to be stabbed in the eye with a very hot pepper, but i think it would be intersting to have happen, maybe that could even be a way out of hell?)



03-18-2006 20:50:25 UTC

for  for  for


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03-19-2006 01:15:28 UTC


Elias IX:

03-19-2006 02:42:38 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-19-2006 04:31:26 UTC

Your eye violence is disturbing and this proposal almost certainly contains loopholes.



03-19-2006 04:57:44 UTC

Of course it contains loopholes.  Otherwise, I would not have voted for it.


03-19-2006 06:34:57 UTC

or you realize that this could be buckys way of making sure he doesn’t end up in hell’s hell, someone read it very well, and we can fix a loophole before its used, thankie


03-19-2006 18:46:49 UTC



03-20-2006 02:43:10 UTC



03-20-2006 04:10:07 UTC

for I like the fact that you made it much tighter and cleaner, while leaving it _just as ridiculous as before_.


03-20-2006 18:16:09 UTC



03-20-2006 18:26:21 UTC

CoV against


03-21-2006 21:24:28 UTC

Threat:  If this passes, I may get creative with the wording…

Elias IX:

03-21-2006 21:56:08 UTC

against CoV.