Thursday, April 05, 2012

Proposal: Nowadays, everything is proposaled

Timed out and cannot be passed. Josh

Adminned at 07 Apr 2012 01:59:42 UTC

Append the following line to rule 2.6 “Institutions”:

If at least 14 hours remain before the end of the current Cycle, the Net may make one or more Institutions Powered by making a blog post informing the change.

Entitles the Net to judge that some changes are too small to switch the Institution off.
Actually a Proposal.



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04-05-2012 08:33:11 UTC

against This feels uncomfortably arbitrary - if we give the Emperor gamesmaster-like powers (which could extend, here, to repowering a Disconnected Institution because it’d make for a really good narrative twist), we start playing a different game.


04-05-2012 14:03:56 UTC

against I prefer predictability. I don’t want to have to refigure my moves on the last day.


04-05-2012 14:04:05 UTC

against 14 hours is not enough for players in certain time zones.


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04-05-2012 15:22:27 UTC

Recognizing the concerns of others - however, I am still worried about penalizing players for directing early, when institutions are modified. imperial


04-05-2012 16:15:25 UTC

Either way there will sometimes be a need for last-minute direction changes, but it’s a lot easier to figure a plan b for an institution being unpowered than it is to figure a plan b for an institution’s mechanics changing significantly.


04-05-2012 22:12:49 UTC

It’s all about trusting the Net to decide whether the change is significant or not.
If you Direct credits to an Institution, and then it gets Unpowered because someone proposed to fix a potentially-flawed wording, you have lost a move completely (you don’t even get the +1 restocking credit).

@Yonah: If you were about to Influence, say, the Bank, would you really prefer for the Bank to switch from “doubles the amount of restocking credits” to “Unpowered so you get nothing”, rather than switching from “doubles the amount of restocking credits” to “gives you one credit for every other player who directed credits to the bank”?

Another system could be that if the Net posts in a comment to a proposal “DO NOT UNPOWER”, enacting that proposal does not count as modifying any institution for the purposes of the Unpowering rule.


04-05-2012 23:50:36 UTC

@Koen: Well, I’m trying to play optimally, so if I see a proposal might be enacted before the cycle ends I’ll make a plan B. In the former case, that plan B requires me to think through all the implications of the new bank, decide whether to shift resources from other targets, etc. In the latter case, I just say “oh, no bank this cycle, guess I’ll put those credits into my other main target the legion.”


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COV for


04-06-2012 21:53:53 UTC

Yonah: Last minute changes to your directions are what I’d call “grinding”, and shouldn’t be necessary, because they favour Players who can be there at the right time (and encourage people who can be there to actually be there, which makes me uneasy)