Friday, October 25, 2013

Proposal: O Captain! My Captain!

Times out and fails 2-4 -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 26 Oct 2013 22:57:35 UTC

Amend to the rule “Ain’t No Party” the following text:

MUST: The member of an Orientation with the most endorsements is consider that Orientation’s Representative. If there is a tie for the most endorsements in an Orientation, then there is no Representative for that Orientation.

If a Representative has cast a valid voting icon on a proposal then any MN that has the same Orientation as that Representative is considered to have cast the same voting icon as the Representative if they have not cast a valid voting icon themselves.

I’m not sure about the wording of this. I couldn’t seem to find a better way of stating it.



25-10-2013 03:32:46 UTC

*Considered.  I’m for this, but the only thing I’m worried about is the possibility of the Majority consisting of Quorum or more and the Representative pushing through a proposal instantly.  Perhaps if this extra voting only applies after 48 hours have passed?


25-10-2013 03:40:44 UTC

against due to the admin burden of checking the Orientation of every player who hasn’t voted.


25-10-2013 04:02:52 UTC



25-10-2013 04:04:10 UTC

@Spitemaster I could see the danger here but it will still have to have been pending for 12 hours and I think enough people check in often enough that it wouldn’t be to dangerous. I would be fine with adding some kind of time needing to have elapsed though.

@Bucky I can sorta see what you are saying but I feel like checking if the Rep. has voted and then checking who hasn’t in their party doesn’t actually take that long.


25-10-2013 04:15:43 UTC

Just asking, since I currently have the most endorsements total, is No Orientation an Orientation for the purpose of this rule?

Prolly not :-/

But seriously…if a member of an Orientation is endorsed by enough members of another, or no, Orientation, does he still become the Rep for the Orientation he is a member of even though few or none of his fellow Orienteers endorse him?


25-10-2013 04:16:18 UTC



25-10-2013 07:39:51 UTC

against Per Bucky. Individual iterations of the check may not take long but admining proposals is already essentially a bit of a chore.


25-10-2013 07:40:35 UTC

If you did it so that DEF went to the leader rather than the speaker in the first instance, if go for that.


25-10-2013 08:21:26 UTC



25-10-2013 12:33:32 UTC

against Turtlemoon, the answer to your second question is yes.