Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Proposal: Of Course You Realise…

Reaches quorum and passes 5-0 -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 17 Apr 2013 17:12:13 UTC

End and delete all Feuds (the game entity, not the rule).

Rewrite the rule entitled “Feuds” to the following (or if no such rule exists, create it with this text):

A Feud is a conflict between two nonempty, non-overlapping sets (Sides) of Nobles. Each Side has one Noble who is the Wronged Party of that Side. The ongoing Feuds and their participants are tracked in the Feuds wiki page. Nobles who are on the same Side are each other’s Allies. Nobles who are on opposing Sides of a Feud are each other’s Enemies.

As a Daily Action, a Noble may Declare a Feud upon another Noble by spending 5 Dignity and making a post to that effect and creating a Feud with both Nobles as the Wronged Parties of each Side, with no other participants. Any Noble may join either Side of a Feud at any time if they are not already participating in it.

If either of the Wronged Parties of a Feud is no longer a Noble, the Feud ends.

Create a subrule to “Feuds” entitled “Casi Belli”:

* It is Outrageous to declare a Feud upon one’s Ally.
* It is Proper not to Declare a Feud upon a Noble of the same Family, unless one has been improperly addressed by that Noble within the past 48 hours.
* When a Noble joins a Feud on the Side which has their Lord or Vassal as the Wronged Party, they gain 3 Dignity.
* It is Proper not to join a Side which has a Wronged Party who is not of one’s Family.
* It is Outrageous to join a Side which contains one’s Enemy.

Append to the first paragraph of the rule entitled “Dignity”:

If a Noble performs an Outrageous action, they lose half their Dignity, rounded up.

Getting rid of the dangerous undefined terms in nqeron’s proposal, and changing the rules of war so that inconsistent behaviour is possible but dishonourable (which is entirely appropriate for the time frame). I added a Dignity cost to hopefully discourage feud spam.



16-04-2013 11:39:19 UTC

for I think this is a good improvement on my rule.


16-04-2013 11:40:51 UTC

(Albeit, it doesn’t create a Feuds page if my Proposal is overturned)


16-04-2013 11:50:48 UTC

“If either of the Wronged Parties of a Feud is no longer a Noble, the Feud ends.” So a Feud only happens when there is exactly one Noble on each side?


16-04-2013 12:28:49 UTC

Skju, Earl of Shrewsbury: there is only one Wronged Party on each Side. Presumably, this is the Noble to whom reparations will have to be made to end the feud.

RaichuKFM: she/her

16-04-2013 15:46:47 UTC

for Seems a good idea.


17-04-2013 16:33:52 UTC



17-04-2013 23:34:18 UTC

for Might as well pass this.