Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Proposal: OK class, pop quiz

Failed 5-0 by timing out. No Darknights were harmed in the failing of this proposal.

Adminned at 25 Jul 2008 19:38:36 UTC

Each class has bonus intrinsic points in various skills.  These bonus points are not counted when totaling the cost for upgrading a skill, but apply in all other circumstances. The bonus points each class gets are as follows:

Wizard - Magic 2 points and Reveling 1 point
Fighter - Combat 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Rogue - Thievery 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Monk - Religion 2 points and Combat 1 point
Sorcerer - Magic 2 points and Thievery 1 point
Cleric - Religion 2 points and Magic 1 point
Barbarian - Combat 2 points and Thievery 1 point
Bard - Reveling 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Paladin - Religion 2 points and Bravery 1 point
Ranger - Combat 2 points and Reveling 1 point
Peasant - none

If this proposal passes, award 3/4’s of the gold earned, rounded up, to Clucky and the other 1/4 to Darknight.

Clucky came up with the idea so he should get most of the gold.



07-23-2008 23:56:46 UTC


Its my freaking proposal idea. Stealing it is bad.


07-24-2008 00:59:47 UTC

It might be a jerk things to do, but it IS legal.



07-24-2008 01:11:04 UTC

lol ik it was a jerk thing but i am giving clucky most of the gold if it passes


07-24-2008 02:02:09 UTC

Honestly if you had proposed a clarification fix I probably would’ve been for it. =P


07-24-2008 02:04:37 UTC

lol yoda jedi mind tricked me into it lol


07-24-2008 02:32:51 UTC

for Hey, don’t blame this on me.

Also, why vote against something based purely on the fact that you don’t like that he “stole” the idea.


07-24-2008 04:13:53 UTC

Yoda:  It’s because we want Darknight beaten up for it.



07-24-2008 05:06:25 UTC

So, you’re going to shoot down a perfectly good proposal in order to make DK lose a few gold pieces?  Sounds kinda silly to me.


07-24-2008 06:23:09 UTC

i’ll be more ticked if you all vote this down only for clucky to repost it and it pass then. i’m giving most of the gold back to clucky if it passes.


07-24-2008 10:51:45 UTC

for CoV.


07-24-2008 12:07:02 UTC

@Yoda, We have rivals, and we can vote how we please, for whatever reason we please. That’s the nature of the game. If a great proposal would stop me from winning, I don’t think I’d vote FOR it, yes?


07-24-2008 19:08:38 UTC

lol see clucky, i wasn’t taking it for the reward. it was your idea so you should get the gold. you were just out of proposal spots at the time


07-24-2008 19:36:45 UTC

yeah… free gold is pretty nice =P


07-24-2008 21:35:10 UTC


Since I can when Darknight proposess it.


07-25-2008 01:04:19 UTC

Uhhh… This doesn’t add a rule.

against COV Nice try, though.


07-25-2008 02:45:41 UTC


Nice try though indeed.


07-25-2008 02:47:14 UTC



07-25-2008 10:40:38 UTC

Aww… you guys noticed =P

against If I’m not going to get gold from this proposal, Darknight might as well lose it. =P