Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ok the mechanics of this dynasty are messed up

Really they are:

1) There are like 3 or 4 different forms of attacks, depending on different stats, which are mostly random or easily maxed out.
2) Items and Locations are irrelevant.
3) Almost nobody seems interested in battles, given how ineffective they are. One would have guessed a Zombie dynasty would be kinda more life and death.
4) Despite deciding on a system with few hit points (2) we have fitness and stamina that are used as HP instead!
5) The ruleset is terribly disorganized, takes a while to try to locate the rule you need to attack or move.

I was thinking of what I could propose to clean up this mess, but really, there are so many angles to attack this problem that I don’t know where to start. My approach here would be to repeal a bunch or rules and write new ones which are a little more concise and less all over the place. So I’d like to know if people would like me to try and do something about this, even knowing it will probably be a massive change.



09-19-2009 19:39:55 UTC

All of these points are completely correct; this dynasty isn’t doing too well.


09-19-2009 20:24:19 UTC

Also, Stamina was never intended to be used as HP. Perhaps we should rename it to “Hunger/Thirst”?


09-19-2009 20:33:08 UTC

The dynasty rules for things like combat are working relatively well mechanically, but failing flavour-wise. I’m wondering if this is better than the situation in Amnistar’s most recent dynasty, when people tried to define the rules in advance to make sense and there were masses of idling and hardly any combat as a result.