Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Call for Judgment: Ok, you win, this time…

Fails 10-0—arth (the coolest admin in BlogNomic)

Adminned at 21 Oct 2009 13:53:25 UTC

Bucky has achieved victory in the current dynasty.

Ok, from the very first proposal in this metadynasty, I’ve actively prevented Bucky from achieving victory. However, at this point I don’t think I can hold him back myself, and don’t anyone else wants to (except maybe for the Kevan supporters).

Also, even if Bucky wins the election, that won’t allow him to achieve Victory (just become the Leader) which means that the election is in fact quite counterproductive to him (it would disallow him from legally achieve victory during this meta).

If this CfJ fails, I’ll assume popular opinion DOESN’T want Bucky to win and I’ll act accordingly.



10-21-2009 06:26:45 UTC

for Being annoying is tiring too.


10-21-2009 07:50:21 UTC

against You’re pissing me off, arth.  There’s no reason for this CfJ.


10-21-2009 07:53:10 UTC

I.E. stop whining and play the game.  What is the purpose of this Call for Judgment, under the rules? “Urgent attention”?  Why?  In what way does /someone winning by fiat/ solve whatever urgently needs my attention?


10-21-2009 08:23:34 UTC

against How have you prevented Bucky from achieving victory, exactly?


10-21-2009 09:55:35 UTC

against “If this CfJ fails, I’ll assume popular opinion DOESN’T want Bucky to win” - this is disingenuous, you can only assume that popular opinion doesn’t want Bucky to win by a CfJ.

If you want to ask questions about popular opinion, be a little braver than “do you want my opponent to win right now; if not, you must like me and want me to win instead” (or whatever internal logic you’re applying here).


10-21-2009 13:16:54 UTC

@exc: The rules doesn’t say it has to be YOUR urgent attention, just someones. This CfJ requires my own urgent attention. The world doesn’t revolve around me, but it doesn’t revolve around you either.

@jeffsheets: You should have been paying attention. (Earlier, a proposal by me was going to give Bucky a swift victory, but I changed my mind and s/k’d it)

@kevan: You are Bucky’s closer opponent, so your opinion on this matter might be a little biased. Also, like I said before (and several times) I’m not interested in achieving victory myself, either. If I would have, I would’ve played a more populist style, like the one you suggest.


10-21-2009 13:23:11 UTC

Oh, and Excalabur, I love how you say “stop whining and play the game” which in fact is quite a strange thing to say, since I’m one of the most active players.


10-21-2009 13:27:42 UTC

Being annoying is tiring too.

Clearly not.


10-21-2009 14:35:22 UTC



10-21-2009 14:50:15 UTC



10-21-2009 15:34:20 UTC



10-21-2009 16:14:10 UTC

against .  I want to win, but I want to do so via rules rather than via tantrum.


10-21-2009 18:02:32 UTC



10-21-2009 20:06:16 UTC

@jeffsheets: Sorry I don’t understand what you said. Might be my limited grasp of the english language.


10-21-2009 20:52:48 UTC

CoV against Anti-quorumed