Saturday, August 11, 2018

Old man on the mountain

Combo posts aren’t a thing anymore, but my recent actions might be worthy of an explanation and room to comment. I did the following:

- Meditated 200 times, taking 2000 years and gaining 4 EP per time, for 800 total. EP remains above Age/10 throughout.
- Served 25 times, taking 250 years and adding 25 Karma.
- Using the mystic role action 9 times, spending 450 EP and gaining 9 IP.



11-08-2018 17:56:59 UTC

I mean, this stuff is technically legal, but there’s nowhere you can go with infinite IP, HP, EP, Age and Karma

derrick: he/him

11-08-2018 20:33:57 UTC

Meditating only gives you 2 EP per meditation unless you have access to an artifact, and no artifacts exist.

You can still gain infinite EP though.

I will point out I tried to set the weakness limit at EP > age/5.


11-08-2018 22:01:39 UTC

9spaceking: All true (except what derrick points out) but I had my reasons for wanting to do it this way.

derrick: D’oh, yes, I incorrectly did 2^0 = 2; but the general idea still works. Instead I got 400 EP from the meditation and would only have been able to use the mystic role 4 times before my EP dropped to 210 and I became weakened, at which point the next 5 times were illegal. I figure my stats will end up changed by Proposal or CfJ anyway.


12-08-2018 16:50:23 UTC

derrick, funny thing about that, I don’t think anyone can use an artifact yet.


12-08-2018 17:16:55 UTC

No artifacts existed, so whether or not they could be used is irrelevant for this action. The important part of Meditate in this case is “Mystics gain double EP.”
So that’d actually be something greater than 10*(2^200) EP, since you gain the double amount. I don’t believe you’d be weakened at all with this rate. This is why I wanted those math formulas.

derrick, did you write “double” instead of “two” for that rule? I’ve never seen double used as an exact replacement for the word “two” and it’s not in the dictionary definitions I’m familiar with