Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Proposal: Once an X, always an X

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 08 Apr 2010 09:17:53 UTC

Replace text of the rule “Jobs” before the bulleted list with:

Each Colonist has a job, and several job titles, both of which are tracked in the GNDT. The default for both is “Peasant”.

A Colonist can earn a job title by performing the same task repeatedly, as specified below.  As a daily action, each Colonist may change their job to any of the titles they have earned.

In the list below, “can become a(n) X” and “may become a(n) X” mean “may add X to their job titles”.  Similarly, “A(n) X” means “Any Colonist whose job is X”.

In the bulleted list, change all instances of the phrase “in one week” to “in any single week”

Add “Job Titles” to the GNDT

I take up Keba’s challenge with this proposal.  It basically implements what I believe the current semantics are, which I understand were probably an accident.  The only difference is that I limit changing jobs to be daily.



06-04-2010 21:27:31 UTC


Darknight: he/him

06-04-2010 21:35:42 UTC



06-04-2010 21:50:46 UTC

against Sorry, but I am not satisfied with “in any single week”. I assume a single week as a period starting on Monday and ending on the following Sunday, but this may be argued…

Additionally, there is no default value for neither “Job” or “Job Titles”. That‘s messed up a bit.

But I like the general idea and would vote for it.


06-04-2010 21:57:49 UTC

@Keba: The default for both “Job” and “Job Titles” is “Peasant”.

Yes, a single week is a period starting at midnight Monday and ending on the following Sunday, as defined in the rules.  If Hix’s proposal passes, it’s clearly an entity reference.

It was my understanding that the problem was with the phrase “within the last X”, rather than “week”.  What’s the point of explicitly defining a term if we can’t then use it to mean what was defined?  If we go down that road, we might as well repeal the entire glossary.


06-04-2010 22:07:04 UTC

@Keba: As Tiberias says, it’s “within the last X” that’s the problem, not “week”.


06-04-2010 22:42:42 UTC



06-04-2010 23:39:06 UTC

Ah, I am sorry at both points.

CoV for


07-04-2010 06:30:10 UTC


Josh: he/they

07-04-2010 07:52:24 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

07-04-2010 11:14:31 UTC

for We should clean this up properly, though.


07-04-2010 11:37:13 UTC


Oracular rufio:

07-04-2010 16:47:43 UTC

imperial Do job titles expire?  Since initial job assignation is based on frequency of performing actions, I’m not sure that you should be able to resurrect a job title that you qualified for long ago but haven’t participated in in a while.  Also, eventually everyone would probably have every job title, which would be boring.  If the game lasts that long, anyway.


07-04-2010 17:52:11 UTC

against Jobs are quite powerful, and it’s currently far too easy to collect all the (useful) job titles and be set for the rest of the dynasty. Furthermore, I’d rather have specialization, rather than dabbling in various jobs, increase a Colonist’s working efficiency in order to promote teamwork between Colonists.

Josh: he/they

07-04-2010 18:16:19 UTC


CoV against per Purplebeard.


08-04-2010 13:21:26 UTC



08-04-2010 14:39:37 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

08-04-2010 14:59:09 UTC

against CoV to speed this along.


08-04-2010 15:24:32 UTC

Purplebeard: Note it‘s the same like now. If you have ever fished three times a week, you will “met the criteria last week” every time then…


08-04-2010 15:24:34 UTC

against s/k