Monday, May 09, 2011

Proposal: One size does not fit all

Timed out 3-7.—Yoda

Adminned at 11 May 2011 13:13:58 UTC

In the rule “Replace Management”, replace the text

This Business Plan must be able to produce negative numbers, and its expected value should not exceed 200.


This Business Plan must be able to produce negative numbers, and its expected change in Worth should not exceed 200.

Because the current version is horribly unfair to corporations whose Worth is already over 200.



05-09-2011 17:53:15 UTC

for I think this is a no-op (and thus Trivial), but a clarification is always worthwhile.


05-09-2011 18:12:51 UTC

for Trivial


05-09-2011 18:35:42 UTC



05-09-2011 19:12:44 UTC

against Trivial. The expected value is clearly referring to the expected value of the new Business Plan, so this is not needed.

From Wikipedia, “In probability theory, the expected value (or expectation, or mathematical expectation, or mean, or the first moment) of a random variable is the weighted average of all possible values that this random variable can take on.”

In other words, the expected value is the average value, not the upper bound.  What you are proposing will make it to where 200 should be the upper bound (and -200 the lower bound).


05-09-2011 19:17:37 UTC

@Yoda: the new wording says “expected change”, so it’s equivalent; an expectation is being taken both ways.


05-09-2011 19:33:51 UTC

for trivial


05-09-2011 21:23:13 UTC

against Trivial. Let’s just keep the existing wording “expected value”, because it’s actually more clear than this “clarification” is.


05-09-2011 21:47:42 UTC

Under the current wording, a business plan is not legal if it results in the Worth of its corporation being greater than 200 on average.


05-09-2011 21:53:25 UTC

No, the expected value refers to the Business Plan.  Also, it’s a *should* and therefore is not absolutely required.


05-09-2011 22:06:59 UTC

Because Ely has idled, the current vote count is 4-2.


05-09-2011 23:08:46 UTC

imperial Trivial


05-10-2011 03:36:10 UTC

imperial trivial


05-10-2011 07:24:51 UTC

against I don’t see how the expected value could possibly refer to the Worth of the corporation.


05-10-2011 14:19:13 UTC

“A Business Plan is a method of altering the Worth of the Corporation to which it belongs.”


05-10-2011 14:58:28 UTC

Ah, I see where you’re coming from now, thanks. I could swear that we had defined Business plan as something like “a method of generating a positive, negative or zero integer”, but apparently this other definition got voted in. Still, this doesn’t mean that its expectation value is equal to the expected Worth after the change. I couldn’t tell you what it is, to be honest. Do operators even have expectation values, outside of quantum mechanics? (this is possibly an incredibly silly question to ask, but my mind’s numb after a long day at work)

We’d probably be best off redefining Business Plans to a number generator and state that we add the result to the Worth whenever we do a Quarterly Report. That would also fix the ‘must be able to produce negative numbers’ issue.


05-10-2011 15:15:45 UTC

against Trivial


05-11-2011 17:02:05 UTC