Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Proposal: Onward to victory

Self-Vetoed -Darth

Adminned at 10 Sep 2009 09:31:29 UTC

Add a new rule called “Victory”:

Some Items are Victory Items, and shall be marked as such in the Inventory Items page. As a daily action, the Leader may make any Item become a Victory Item. As a weekly action, any Survivor may make any Item become a Victory Item, so long as no other Survivor has done so in the past week, and so long as the chosen Item does not have a Holder.

At any time, if any Survivor is the Holder of every Victory Item, and there are at least 5 Victory Items, that Survivor may attempt to Win by making a GNDT comment of “Winning DICE10”. If the result of that DICE roll is greater than or equal to 6, that Survivor achieves victory. Otherwise, that Survivor shall remove every Victory Item from their own inventory.



09-09-2009 18:06:32 UTC

against I’m not entirely sure this is the best way to work a victory condition in the first place; but the random chance to win or get reset is likely just to completely mess up dynasty pacing. Basically, if the dynasty works correctly, someone should win it just as everyone’s starting to grow bored of it; the chance that it messes up will mean that either there’s the chance that someone will win too quickly, or that the dynasty will be propped up for ages beyond its natural lifespan (and probably be ended by proposal).


09-09-2009 18:33:05 UTC

against Disliking the random factor

Darknight: HE/HIM

09-09-2009 23:51:28 UTC

against After the ending of the pirate vs ninja dynasty, i’d be careful of items leading to victory, even with a roll cause of loopholes


09-10-2009 06:03:22 UTC

imperial idc, sure


09-10-2009 06:36:10 UTC



09-10-2009 15:20:09 UTC



09-10-2009 16:30:58 UTC

veto  s/v per DK; forgot about the pirate vs. ninja dynasty.