Friday, November 05, 2010

Proposal: Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Reaches quorum 13 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Nov 2010 07:27:26 UTC

If the Proposal: Spelling Lessons fails then this has no effect.

If the rule “Lessons” exists, replace the sentence “If a Student has not yet commented on the post and is not Dead, that Student may choose to Study or Disrupt in this Lesson by posting a comment on this entry describing their behaviour:-“ With:

If a Student has not yet commented on the post and is not Dead, that Student may choose to Study, Disrupt, or, if already possessing a grade of A+, Brown Nose, by posting a comment on this entry describing their behaviour:-

If the rule “Lessons” exists, append the following descriptor:

• If a student Brown Noses then the Headmaster will either remove a grudge held by the Teacher offering the lesson against the Brown Nosing student or, if no grudges exist, change the Teacher’s Pet status to [STUDENT’S NAME]. In the event of multiple Brown Nosing students, the student with the lowest number of grudges held against them collectively by the faculty will be awarded the status of Teacher’s Pet. If there are multiple Brown Nosing students that meet this criteria the status of Teacher’s Pet will be awarded to the most deserving student at the Headmaster’s discretion.

If the rule “Teachers” exists change it to read:

Professor Abalone’s School of Witchcraft and Miscellany has a number of Teachers, listed in the BlogNomic wiki page “Teachers”. Each Teacher has a Name, a Condition (Alive, Ghost, or Zombie), a Pet (None, or STUDENT’S NAME)  and a Grudge against one or more Students. The Headmaster may hire new Teachers at any time by adding them to the wiki page; new Teachers have a Name and Condition of the Headmaster’s choosing, a Pet status of None, and no Grudges.

Add a new rule, “Teacher’s Pet”

A student who has the quality Teacher’s Pet gains access to unique weekly actions. A Teacher’s Pet may, once a week, either, cause the Teacher for that claims the student as a Pet to develop a grudge against another student OR resist the decrementing effect of a Disrupt action taken during a Lesson being taught by the Teacher that claims the student as a Pet. The quality of Teacher’s Pet persists for a week after it is awarded after which time the Teacher’s Pet status is changed to “None,” and the quality is removed from the student and must be re-earned.


Like all top level, upstanding academic institutions, Professor Abalone’s School of Witchcraft and Miscellany has a fine tradition of brown nosery, derriere kissery, and general smarmy ingratiation.


Thane Q:

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11-05-2010 19:38:53 UTC

Unfortunately this reintroduces the “a Grudge against one or more Students” bug that would be fixed by Grudgeless Professors, and leaves out Teacher Specialties. Neither of these is particular game-breaking, though, so we can continue to fix as we go.



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11-05-2010 19:53:26 UTC

@ Kevan: Ah, you know it didn’t occur to me that due to the order of resolution, any changes made to the “Teachers” rule by proposals preceding mine would then get overwritten by my proposal once, and if, it passed. In my head I was thinking that those changes would carry through my proposal, but the way I wrote it, I’m just undoing them. I’ll chalk it up to my newness and will keep such things in consideration for future proposals.


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11-05-2010 20:26:15 UTC

“If no grudges exist” seems to mean “if no grudges exist at all” rather than “if the Teacher holds no such grudge against the Brown Nosing Student.”

If I’m a Teacher’s Pet, and the Teacher offers a new Lesson which another student Brown Noses, giving them the new Pet status, does my original status as Teacher’s Pet still “persist for a week?”  I think it would make more sense to have the status persist only until the Teacher offers a new lesson, or until that unique action-privilege is exercised.



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11-06-2010 03:18:25 UTC

@Brendan The intent is for the rule to work in the latter fashion. As for the duration of the status change, what you say also makes sense.

Being new, I’m assuming that the accepted protocol here is to, if the proposal passes, propose an amendment that streamlines or clarifies should such a thing become necessary, yes?


11-06-2010 03:20:08 UTC

Yeah, that’s what the “If Proposal X fails then this does nothing, but…” stuff is usually for.


11-06-2010 03:23:56 UTC

for @Ambisin: You’d be right. And don’t worry about being new and hitting bumps in proposing. We all have, and sometimes still do, made mistakes.