Sunday, January 02, 2011

Open Request: Flat Bricks

I have a vague hankering for a construction that is made of only flat bricks, contains at least one brick of five different colours, and has a value of at least 30. Basic reward is 45, bonus reward is 20.



02-01-2011 17:29:35 UTC

1 3x3 flat black brick
2 1x4 flat red bricks
1 1x3 flat red brick
1 1x3 flat white brick
1 1x1 flat white brick
1 1x2 flat yellow brick
2 1x2 flat green bricks

I made you a bird of paradise:


03-01-2011 05:41:48 UTC

1 2x3 Yellow Flat Brick
1 2x3 Red Flat Brick
1 2x3 Green Flat Brick
1 2x3 Gray Flat Brick
2 2x3 Brown Flat Bricks

Stacked in that order, except with a brown brick on top.

I call it a sandwich with mustard.

Josh: he/they

04-01-2011 07:41:37 UTC

Subrincator’s Bird of Paradise is most pleasing. He shall be awarded 20 Funds immediately.

This request is closed.

Clucky: he/him

04-01-2011 23:24:40 UTC

The request opened at 13:24:21 on the 2nd, and you closed it at 7:41:37 on the 4th. That isn’t 48 hours. Its past 13:34 now, so it doesn’t matter, but its worth pointing out.

Josh: he/they

05-01-2011 07:18:03 UTC

Oops, sorry. Thanks for that.