Friday, January 07, 2011

Open Request: The Slopes

I would like constructions that use at least three sloping bricks, at least three flat bricks and which have a value of no less than 30. Standard reward is 50, bonus 50.



07-01-2011 12:45:37 UTC

Name: Impressionist Masterpiece
Value: 30
3 Orange 1x1 1-Slope Bricks
3 Orange 1x1 Flat Bricks
3 Orange Torso Bricks
1 Orange 1x5 Standard Brick


07-01-2011 14:12:00 UTC

Name: Ski Slope
Value: 51
3 White 2x4 1-Slope Bricks (all on top of one another to form a slope)
3 White 1x4 Flat Bricks (all directly on top of one another under the middle sloping brick)


07-01-2011 20:10:23 UTC

Note: Ski Slope is actually worth 61 (I forgot the modifier).