Monday, May 12, 2008

Operation: Are there crumbs on my Goatee?

Requirements: Any Henchman in Europe, Asia or Africa may join.

Effects: Upon joining, each participant makes a roll of X + DICEY, where Y is the Henchman’s MS + GL and X is the Power of that Henchman’s weapon . If the roll equals or exceeds 20, that Henchman assassinates one member of the French Baguette Maniacs (henceforth, the enemy group) and gains 2 MS. If the roll was less than 10, that Henchman is shot down and loses 2 MS. Each henchman that successfully killed an enemy may roll again until e is shot down or decides to stop rolling. If all the members of the enemy group are defeated, the operation is a success, otherwise it fails.

Success: Eliminate the enemy group. If they had any weapon that is also in our SZ but is out of stock, make that weapon become in stock. For each participating henchman (even those that where defeated) the Influence in Europe is raised by 3, and each participant’s standing is raised by 3.

Failure: Add 2DICE6 Members to the enemy group. The Influence in Europe drops by 10 and the Overlord’s standing drops by the same amount.



12-05-2008 12:28:57 UTC

I’m in.


12-05-2008 12:31:29 UTC

I rolled a 17.  I didn’t kill a member, but I didn’t get killed either.


12-05-2008 16:21:56 UTC

I’m in. I keep misreading the instructions. Re-rolling again.

Used the right numbers the 3rd time. DICE 22 = 4, + 4 pucks power, = 8.

I am shot down and lose 2 MS.


12-05-2008 16:30:35 UTC

Uh, jay, you have to be in Europe, Africa, or Asia to join, and you are in Oceania.


12-05-2008 18:28:09 UTC

Sloppy morning. I was going to fly to one of the applicable zones to train and changed my mind. Sorry and thanks and all that.

This being an evil day, maybe I’ll trade in some FFMs and give it a legal whirl.


12-05-2008 18:33:25 UTC

I don’t think anybody but Purplebeard has a chance at this one.

Arthexis is next strongest, rolling DICE25 without a current weapon.

I guess I’m not in. Yet.

arthexis: he/him

12-05-2008 20:36:40 UTC

I’m in, rolled 4 + DICE27 = 25. Succeeded.