Saturday, May 03, 2008

Proposal: Operation: SPYCE

Self-killed.—Rodlen the Cool

Adminned at 03 May 2008 15:07:31 UTC

Start a new Evil Operation:

Requirements: No requirements.
Effects: Each henchman who joins the operation must choose whether to give the Spy MS or INT.  The Spy will, on resolving the operation, infilitrate the Elephant Culinary Artists’ HQ.  To get in, the Spy will have to get a uniform, by attacking one of the wandering elephant explorers.  The die roll for that is a roll of xDICE2 (Spy) versus a roll of 2DICE3 (Elephant).  x stands for the number of players who give the Spy MS.  If the result of the Spy’s roll is greater than the result of the Elephant’s roll, the Spy continues.  The Spy then rolls to get the spices.  A roll of DICEy (Spy) versus a roll of DICE6 (Elephants).  If the Spy’s roll is greater than the Elephants’ roll, the operation is a success.  If the Spy fails on any roll, the operation is a failure.
Success: Remove 1 member from the Elephant Culinary Artists (dead explorer). Give each participating player one more point of the statistic that player gave the Spy.  Add the Trunk full of Spices to the storage zone. (Trunk’s weapon statistics will be created by the resolving admin)
Failure: Each player participating loses 2 points of the stat he/she gave the Spy, and 1 point of Standing for failing to train the Spy well.

We want those spices.  Our replicator system will duplicate the spices.  We just want the spices. MMM, spices.  Train this spy.  Now, I’ll gladly resolve this, if it is started.



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03-05-2008 02:24:29 UTC

This doesn’t say what y (in DICEy) is.

The Failure may disrupt the standing/influence balance (although that may not be too much of an issue at this point).

What does it mean to “give the Spy MS or INT”?  Does the henchman actually decrease his stat by 1 or is it just theoretically?


03-05-2008 02:29:10 UTC

against SK