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Proposal: Operation: SPYCES 27

Overtime, 7 for, 0 against. —Rodlen is Cooler than You

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Start the following Evil Operation:

Requirements: Any Henchman may join this operation.

Effects: Each henchman who joins the operation must include in their comment in which they join the operation whether to train the Spy in MS or INT.  Each henchman may only choose one or the other, and no henchman may change their decision once it has been made.  The Spy will, on resolving the operation, infilitrate the Elephant Culinary Artists’ HQ.  To get in, the Spy will have to get a uniform, by attacking one of the wandering elephant explorers.  The die roll for that is a roll of XDICE2 (Spy) versus a roll of 2DICE3 (Elephant), where X stands for the number of players who have trained the Spy in MS.  If the result of the Spy’s roll is greater than the result of the Elephant’s roll, the Spy continues.  The Spy then rolls to get the spices.  A roll of DICEY (Spy) versus a roll of DICE6 (Elephants), where Y stands for the number of players who trained the Spy in INT.  If the Spy’s roll is greater than the Elephants’ roll, the operation is a success.  If the Spy fails on any roll, the operation is a failure.

Success: Remove 1 member from the Elephant Culinary Artists (dead explorer).  Each henchman gains 2 points in the statistic in which they trained the Spy.  Africa gains DICEZ influence, where Z is 10 times the number of henchmen who joined the operation.  The same amount of standing is distributed evenly among the henchmen who joined, with any left over going to the Overlord.

Failure: Each henchman loses 2 points of the stat in which they trained the Spy.  Africa loses DICEA influence, where A is the current influence in Africa.  The Overlord loses the same amount of standing.



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