Friday, May 02, 2008

Proposal: Operation: Take the South (America, that is)

Self-killed. —Rodlen, Most Amazing Man Ever

Adminned at 03 May 2008 15:06:52 UTC

Start the following Evil Operation:

Requirements: Any Henchman with a GL of at least 1 may join this operation.
Effects: If the sum of all Henchman’s GL who join this operation equals or exceeds 100 minus the current influence in South America, this operation succeeds.  Otherwise, it fails.
Success: All Henchmen who join this operation have their locations set to South America and receive 1 FFM.  Then, roll a DICEX, where X is the sum of all the Henchman’s GL who joined this operation.  The influence is South America is raised by the value of the DICEX roll.  The rise in South America’s influence is then distributed evenly among all Henchmen who joined this operation, with any extra going to the Overlord.
Failure: Each Henchmen who joined this operation lose DICEY GL, where Y is their GL.  Also, South America loses all influence and the Overlord loses an equal amount of standing.



02-05-2008 20:19:38 UTC



02-05-2008 20:29:18 UTC

against can’t work. we only have something like 75 gl among all henchmen, and we’d need 91.


02-05-2008 20:35:18 UTC

Oh, I probably should’ve checked that first.  Oh well, s/k. against