Friday, November 24, 2017

Proposal: organize

became popular 3-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 25 Nov 2017 05:34:57 UTC

Make Orientation a subrule of Tesseract

Make a rule called Shards.

Move the text of Mass to Shards and then repeal Mass.

Each Tesser has an amount of Shards, which are a magically created resource. Shards have an affinity, which is a Tesser Affinity. Each Tesser’s Shards are tracked in the GNDT by a capital letter of their affinity (FFWN for 2 Fire shards, 1 Water shards and 1 Nature Shard, for example). A Tesser can hold as many shards as they have Power. A Tesser can pay 3 Power to make a Shard of their Affinity. Tessers can freely give their Shards to other Tessers if that Tesser would be able to hold them. Tessers can freely discard their own Shards.

to Shards

Make Boosting a subrule of Tessering.

Make the rule whose name starts with N and the rules Void, Fire, Water subrules of Affinity.

Make Archmaster’s Watch a subrule of Spells.

Remove the “.” that has it’s own line on the list of spells from the ruleset.



11-24-2017 18:55:33 UTC

for Always good to clean up (but why move the Mass rule to then repeal it ?...)


11-24-2017 18:56:21 UTC

Forget it I just understood (keep the text but remove the Mass section)


11-24-2017 19:26:02 UTC