Friday, July 18, 2008

Proposal: Ouch! That Hurts!


Adminned at 20 Jul 2008 14:35:11 UTC

Add a sub-rule titled “Health” to the rule “Character Sheets” with the following text:

Each Adventurer has an amount of Health Points (or HP, for short).  Each Adventurer starts with 10 HP.  An Adventurer’s HP may never rise above 10.  If an action would cause an Adventurer’s HP to be set to a value greater than 10, set it to 10 instead.  Whenever an Adventurer’s HP is 0 or less, that Adventurer ceases to be part of any Party and is considered Dead for 48 hours, after which he is no longer considered Dead and his HP is set to 1.  As long as an Adventurer is Dead, he may not join any Party.

To “heal X HP” means to add X to the HP of the target.  To “hit for Y HP” means to subtract Y from the HP of the target.

Non-Adventurer Characters (or NPCs, for short) also have HP.  A NPC’s HP shall be set at the time of creation of the NPC.  Whenever a NPC’s HP is 0 or less, it ceases to exist.



18-07-2008 16:54:33 UTC


Clucky: he/him

18-07-2008 17:12:59 UTC

against max hp should correspond to one of your attributes.

Amnistar: he/him

18-07-2008 18:05:53 UTC

against Per clucky.

Str perhaps?


18-07-2008 20:32:47 UTC

We could make CON an attribute and tie HP to that somehow…


18-07-2008 23:40:08 UTC


HP buffs/debuffs would be nice too.


19-07-2008 03:17:14 UTC

against Nice try, though.

Clucky: he/him

19-07-2008 04:39:59 UTC

Yoda proposed it Bucky, so the nice try isn;t needed =)

Darknight: he/him

19-07-2008 05:15:50 UTC



19-07-2008 13:24:03 UTC

I’m just trying to get a basic template for HP so that we can have some way to get hurt.  If we want to base it on an attribute, someone else can propose CON and base it off of that.  I just don’t feel like making another long proposal that adds another attribute.


19-07-2008 13:24:30 UTC

On a side note, has anyone used their 8 attribute points yet?


20-07-2008 00:09:31 UTC



20-07-2008 03:27:45 UTC

against s/k for new version