Friday, November 09, 2007

Proposal: Out on the Streets at Night

Passed 11-0.  Brendan

Adminned at 10 Nov 2007 14:50:30 UTC

[ Merging “Out at Night” and “On the Streets”, which are currently a bit tangled. I’ve left one quirk intact, because it’d be quite a big change - we currently only get random people wandering around the streets if there’s been a murder. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have them milling around every night, but it might be a contentious change, so I’ll leave it for a separate proposal.

The game effects of this proposal: Werewolves are undeniably “Out at Night” if they kill or bite someone, rather than the current “changing their target at night” thing. The Night Watchman gets to see all the attackers when there’s a murder, but also gets the Investigating Villagers; he also gets a daily report of who was out each night, even if there wasn’t a murder. Investigating itself is pretty much unchanged. ]

To the Rule “Daytime and Nighttime”, add:-

Each night, a number of Villagers will be seen walking the streets, going about their various nocturnal businesses. A living Villager is considered to be “Out at Night” during the nighttime if any of the following are true of them, at any point during that nighttime:

  • They are the Night Watchman.
  • They are an Investigator.
  • They are a Werewolf directly involved in a Villager being savaged by wolves.
  • They are a Werewolf who has bitten or attempted to bite a Villager.
  • A Villager has been savaged by wolves, and they are one of X random living Villagers (chosen by the Mayor) who have reacted to the alarm, where X is half of the living Villagers, excluding the Prisoner and rounded down.

In the Rule “Investigation”, remove the sentence beginning “A villager is ‘Out at Night’ if”, and the bulleted list.

In the Rule “The Night Watchman”, replace the first paragraph with:-

During each daytime in which the Night Watchman held their role for the whole of the previous nighttime, the Mayor shall email the Night Watchman with a list of all Villagers who were ‘Out at Night’ during that nighttime.


Amnistar: he/him

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for Makes it hilliariously difficult to get any valid information if anyone is out at night :)


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