Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ascension Address: Pact Magic

The Artefacts were destroyed, granting vast amounts of magic power to a certain Russian handyman. However, in order to keep his new power in check, he needed to perform a powerful magic pact with entities from beyond.


Several years later, in an age of social media and smartphones, the remains of this magic still lingers - in the hands of “Pactmakers”, which have refined the art of the Original Pact, allowing it to be used in many more ways.

The Original Pact is massive, thick, but crude - like a giant rope holding a knot. Pact Magic works by taking a string from that “rope” to create new binds - or other surprising uses. And the Original Pact is starting to wear thin.

a New “Original Pact” needs to be made - and soon.

Keep “Combos” and “Tags”, Repeal all other Dynastic Rules.

Replace “Explorer” with “Pactmaker” and “Expedition Leader” with “Seraphim”.



11-07-2017 21:07:58 UTC

Massive, but thin.


11-07-2017 21:14:03 UTC

Using that unless Cuddlebeam has a different one or doesn’t want a banner.


11-07-2017 21:14:52 UTC

Yes, it’s merely a suggestion.


11-07-2017 21:15:45 UTC

I’ve actually been making a lot of banners (Katamari Damacy, another based on Persona 5, but I cant use them right now lol. I had too many ideas)

I’ll get to making one myself but thank you very much Koen, I appreciate it.


11-07-2017 21:57:57 UTC

Woop woop