Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Paint Fumes

04/12 13:33 (UTC) - Murphy
  Quirck’s Cash = 50 (was 100)
(Should have shredded that credit card bill. (How did Wak lose >$50?))

  Murphy’s Cash = 75 (was 25)

  Quirck’s Keys = Murphy
(more ID theft)

  Murphy’s Cash = 0 (was 75)
(Buying and using a Respray Kit. Quirck, you don’t mind watching this for me, do you?)

Mentioning this here, since reverting things across the GNDT/wiki might be unclear, but I think this last step is illegal - Murphy doesn’t have a key to Quirck’s garage (Quirck has a key to Murphy’s; presumably Murphy meant to force Quirck to cut a key, but accidentally cut a key for Quirck). Is that right?

But yes, also a good point that Clucky should only have been able to transfer $50 from Wakukee after stealing his identity, not $50. (“A Crook [may] not transfer more than $50 to the same Crook during any week.”) Are we missing something there?



04-12-2012 18:08:11 UTC

Gah, you’re right. Have fixed the part with Quirck.

Clucky: he/him

04-12-2012 18:44:57 UTC

Yeah I forgot about the $50 limit, just remembered the 100. So I only should’ve been able to take $50