Friday, March 09, 2018

Painting the Roses Red

Can we do something about the colour scheme? I’ve been struggling to stay focused whenever I’ve opened the site today. Not sure if I’m using an outlier combination of browser and laptop monitor (and maybe even eyesight) that’s rendering it in a way it’s not meant to look, but this is very hard to read or even to skim.



03-09-2018 22:00:52 UTC

Agreed. Disabling the bg image with an adblocker helps, but renders all white text that’s not on a pink pane invisible.


03-09-2018 22:04:47 UTC

I think Alice was rubbing her eyes not from waking up, but from the soreness caused by the theme :D. Maybe we should fade the background (a lot) and switch to dark text.


03-09-2018 22:08:33 UTC

What’s the core problem? If it’s the brightness the bg image is darker than the previous css background. Maybe a parchment theme is better? If it’s just the brightness, the background of the text and the text itself could be darkened.


03-09-2018 22:14:03 UTC

I’m not an expert on the subject but I have read a few times that light text on dark is usually more bothersome than dark on light, and also that backgrounds with too much stark details can hinder readability, and here we’re doing both.


03-09-2018 22:14:11 UTC

The backround is WAY better now


03-09-2018 22:14:41 UTC

The white text on a light background should be fixed too though.


03-09-2018 22:15:53 UTC

Agree with both Cuddle’s points.


03-09-2018 22:16:36 UTC

how is it now?


03-09-2018 22:23:39 UTC

Seems much better for me.


03-09-2018 22:28:36 UTC

@ElMarko, it might appear better with the background image rather than on a white page


03-09-2018 22:31:27 UTC

The blue and green text on the purple background still seems hard to read to me, and gets
flagged by this accessibility checker (in the “contrast” tab). has a tool for comparing colours and dragging sliders until they hit WCAG recommended standards, you just need to make the blues and greens a bit lighter.

The little boxes around everything don’t seem ideal. I’d either put some padding on them, or put the purple background onto higher level elements in the HTML (it looks like we have a <div class=“comment”>, for example, which would go behind a whole comment, including the name and timestamp).


03-09-2018 22:31:55 UTC

I dunno. I still find there’s not enough contrast between the text and the text background but maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it, and I’ll let the others give their opinion.


03-09-2018 22:34:20 UTC

(my previous answer collided with Kevans)

Interesting and useful website Kevan :).


03-09-2018 22:47:23 UTC

okay so the boxes was from added a background color to links which I’ve removed and I changed the font color. Are the Yellow/White links that bad looking? they don’t need a background color since they’re significantly brighter than the tiled background.


03-10-2018 08:13:13 UTC

I think it’s good now.


03-10-2018 10:05:30 UTC

Yellow and white links look good. The blue-on-purple is still being flagged by as excessively low contrast, and I’d agree with it. A lighter blue and applying the background purple to “comment” instead of “commentbody” would be enough, I think.


03-10-2018 14:31:48 UTC

Idea: Wikipage which looks similar to the Blognomic layout where we can just change the color values to make a “test view” of the layout we want.

I don’t know what’s the whole set of “variables” for colors (like comment and commentbody there) for the layout so I’d appreciate if an admin could do it (or just pasta here the relevant info and I’ll do it)


03-10-2018 18:29:25 UTC

You can do “inspect element” or “view page source” in your browser to view that.