Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, suppose there’s a Citizen with higher Clearance than the rule “Information Clearance”.

Unfortunately, the rule forgets to exclude itself; thus, for the purposes of rule, a Citzen with higher Clearance than rule is not a Citizen, according to rule; except that this cancels the effect of the rule, so they are a Citizen; except that makes the rule apply again…

I think this is an actual paradox. It’s possible that lilomar and coppro have platonically become INFRARED due to it being paradoxical whether they have a clearance or not (thus forcing their clearance to default), but I’m not sure.

Such a pity that BlogNomic doesn’t have the standard nomic rule where you can win by noticing a paradox…



08-12-2010 18:13:44 UTC

I do not believe it is paradoxical.

My interpretation of subrules is that a subrule must be listed as part of another rule on the ruleset page. Therefore, since the CFJ (which I adminned) specified that ProDemote was to become UV, it brought the entire Clearance rule with it (since rule clearance is not a separate value but rather defined as the section of the dynastic rules that it is in).

Now, even if we decide that ProDemote can have a separate clearance, there is clearly no paradox. lilomar and I were given higher clearance, then we ceased to have a clearance because it was no longer defined for us. Information Clearance stops applying because our clearance is not higher, so we regain a clearance value, which defaults to INFRARED.


08-13-2010 19:42:33 UTC

“My interpretation of subrules is that a subrule must be listed as part of another rule on the ruleset page.” That isn’t defined by the ruleset anywhere; subrules and rules are pretty much completely independent, as far as I can tell. Not to mention, that the particular sorting scheme (by colour) on the wiki page isn’t mandated by the rules anywhere; we could just as easily sort by subrule and write colours in the headers, like we did in the fifth metadynasty.


08-13-2010 19:42:51 UTC

Reposting to uncheck “Notify me of follow-up comments”, which I left on by mistake.