Friday, April 28, 2023

Part of the Union [Review Board]

This is a Review Board recommending to AUTHORISE Kevan to work at the regulation Safety Check level. Operating at a zero risk level makes the work site much safer for everybody.

I will support the Review Board of any Engineer that supports this one, with a couple of exceptions that I’ll lay out in the comments.

Note that the two new players who recently had a Review Board pending will want to submit new ones, as somebody chose to close both of them prior to the Safety Check output being raised this morning.


Kevan: City he/him

28-04-2023 08:45:06 UTC

The exceptions to the above reciprocatory offer are the Engineers Josh and JonathanDark.

I hereby AUTHORISE my own paperwork.

Josh: he/they

28-04-2023 08:48:12 UTC


Josh: he/they

28-04-2023 08:50:22 UTC

Also, the threshold for any of these passing is the agreement of six players, which is a high barrier for anyone to climb. If there is to be a challenger I’d rather it was anyone but Kevan, so if anyone wants to discuss securing my vote on their review board in exchange for the correct stamp on this piece of paperwork then I’m open for business.

Taiga: he/him

28-04-2023 09:24:09 UTC


JonathanDark: he/him

28-04-2023 12:50:17 UTC



28-04-2023 16:59:54 UTC


jjm3x3: he/him

28-04-2023 22:10:40 UTC

AUTHORISE and Performing and inspection

Josh: he/they

30-04-2023 08:45:41 UTC

This review board is closed.

Josh: he/they

30-04-2023 08:59:17 UTC

This review board is ended.