Friday, May 11, 2007

Proposal: Patent Rights. Take 2

2-2. Timed out. Consider me Idle again.—Chronos

Adminned at 13 May 2007 04:23:57 UTC

Rework of the Proposal of Patent Rights, which would be added to the Wages section as 2.2.2.

2.2.2 Patent Rights

When a Worker creates a Machine Part that works correctly the first time it is used in the Machine, the Worker may request Patent Rights. When Patent Rights are in force, when the Machine is run and the Worker’s part works correctly at least once, the Worker who has the Patent Rights gains $5 to eir Net Worth once per running of the machine, regardless of how many times the part was used. Due to the Machine working properly, the company is becoming more profitable and the company will award a bonus of $1 to all management staff for every part that is patented that works correctly. A Worker may gain the $5 for every part e has Patent Rights too.

Whomever is running the machine shall update the GDNT with gained Patent Rights (both worker and management) just before the Machine enters a Standby State. This is to avoid the Machine running because the GDNT was updated from the gaining of profit from the Parts that Worked Correctly.

Working Correctly means that the initiator requirements were met and the effect caused at lease one (1) other part to meet its initiator requirements.



05-11-2007 04:01:27 UTC

for I think that works.


05-11-2007 05:10:39 UTC

Ooh.. you know, who has patent rights for what probably should be tracked somewhere. Otherwise whoever runs the machine will have trouble knowing who to give money to.

And detailing how you request patent rights and who grants them.

And does the phrase “When Patent Rights are in force” refer to when the rule named patent rights exists, or does it mean when someone has patent rights for something. Or is there supposed to be some condition that determines whether or not we are currently honoring patents.


05-11-2007 05:45:04 UTC

Also, small nitpicky detail.  There is no difference between workers and Management, only between Laborers and Management, both of whom are workers.


05-11-2007 05:53:57 UTC

By “When Patent Rights are in force” I simply meant that when a part that has rights works correctly, there is a payout.

We can amend the rule to say Laborer not Worker.

Also, we could amend it to simply state that if you create a part, you have the patent rights, if that would clear things up. Then it could simply be tracked by who created the part (which is listed in the Created Pieces wiki).


05-11-2007 14:03:14 UTC

against Still numerous syntax problems.  For example, laborer/worker; unclarity of when patent rights exist; “the Worker may request Patent Rights” (when must the request take place, what form must the request take, calling it a “request” suggests that it is not automatic, etc.); “when the machine is run” (this concept is not in the rules—the machine becoming “Running” is not necessarily the same thing); “A Worker may gain the $5 for every part e has Patent Rights too ” (is this intended to be conditioned on the Part actually being initiated when the machine becomes Running”?

One conceptual suggestion:
“Patent rights” are automatically awarded to the Creator when the Machine is added to the Workbench, rather than being something that the Creator has to separately request.


05-11-2007 16:00:17 UTC



05-13-2007 11:22:07 UTC

against Sorry… But it’d pass otherwise