Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pikachu, I accuse you!

I accuse Mac-R-ULL-1 of being a member of the following groups:

The Secret Police
The Rebel Usurpers



08-01-2010 15:58:00 UTC

for The Secret Police


08-01-2010 15:58:14 UTC

for The Rebel Usurpers


08-01-2010 16:15:47 UTC

Citizen Mac-R-ULL-1 was not a member of The Secret Police, nor The Rebel Usurpers.

Citizen Mac-R-ULL-1 gains 2 commendations for Just Doing His Job.
Citizen Mac-R-ULL-1 gains 4 treason points for Being Quite Treasonous.


08-01-2010 16:33:13 UTC

Note that flurie cannot gain membership of any group through this accusation. According to rule, lilomar may send them a PM that says that membership has been granted, but he can’t actually do it.


08-01-2010 16:38:12 UTC

I am not aware of any reason why I couldn’t send em a PM, although I am not required to do so. Is there some reason why I cannot do so? Or you referring to Flurie auto-joining a group (which he cannot do)?


08-01-2010 17:34:43 UTC

You’re free to send a PM, but it won’t have any effect. The rules define the contents of the PM, but no game effects that go along with it.


08-01-2010 18:18:17 UTC

Purplebeard: ah, you are correct.


08-10-2010 18:59:42 UTC