Monday, December 14, 2020

Call for Judgment: Pilot Project

Enacted 5-0, Popular with Quorum in favor. -Bucky

Adminned at 15 Dec 2020 07:05:07 UTC

There’s some ambiguity about how Pilots pay for firing attempts. I’ll post a proposal about when I have a slot, but for now: if Pilot Bucky has taken any Actions that required the expenditure of energy since the posting of this CFJ, revert them, then set their energy to zero. This covers their expenditure for the 9 attack attempts scheduled for 12-13 made in comments to the schedule post of 12-12. Uphold the attack attempts scheduled for 12-13 made in those comments and the results reported in the schedule post of 12-14.


Bucky: Proprietor

14-12-2020 17:14:39 UTC

“Uphold the attack attempts made in those comments”? You should make it clear that only the attempts scheduled for the 13th are upheld, rather than the batch scheduled for slightly before the comment that scheduled them.

Josh: he/him

14-12-2020 17:18:29 UTC

Oh quite right, thank you.

Josh: he/him

14-12-2020 17:19:20 UTC



14-12-2020 19:12:05 UTC


Bucky: Proprietor

14-12-2020 19:34:33 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

14-12-2020 19:37:12 UTC


robotabc773: he/him

15-12-2020 05:18:30 UTC