Friday, July 10, 2009

Proposal: Plane Ticket

Enacted 5-4

Adminned at 13 Jul 2009 15:10:05 UTC

Change the rule “Homeward Bound” to read:

A tourist that has a Perfect Tan, has Seen the Sights, has a Plane Ticket, and is Stress Free, is considered to be finished with their vacation and has achieved victory.

Add a subrule to “Homeward Bound” entitled “Plane Ticket”:

There exists a value, “Plane Ticket”. This is tracked in the GNDT, and it’s legal values are “Yes” and “No”. Any tourist with at least $500 can purchase a Plane Ticket at any time. To purchase the ticket, the Tourist decreases their money by 500 and changes their GNDT Plane Ticket to “Yes”. A tourist may not purchase a Plane Ticket if their Plane Ticket value is already “Yes”.

Sorry guys, I didn’t want to spoil your vacation earlier on, but I didn’t buy tickets home…



10-07-2009 14:36:52 UTC



10-07-2009 14:45:59 UTC



10-07-2009 14:48:14 UTC



10-07-2009 14:51:32 UTC


arthexis: he/him

10-07-2009 21:03:31 UTC


arthexis: he/him

10-07-2009 21:04:25 UTC

A feeble attempt at making your own dynasty longer.


10-07-2009 22:21:04 UTC

against it will take a long time to get up $500. maybe with a more reasonable amount, maybe


11-07-2009 00:10:57 UTC

arthexis is a bit jaded, methinks. However, $500 is quite a bit, now that I think of it. We’ll need a mechanic for getting money fast if this is to work.

Darknight: he/him

11-07-2009 04:33:12 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

11-07-2009 09:17:43 UTC


redtara: they/them

11-07-2009 17:53:50 UTC

My intention, if this rule passes, is to propose something that allows money to be gained faster.

Arth: I am trying to make this dynasty last a bit longer, but not because it’s my own. The dynasty is barely two weeks old, and some tourists are already close to winning. I’d do this if it was anybody else’s dynasty.


12-07-2009 00:57:51 UTC

I am choosing to deliberately abstain from this vote.

arthexis: he/him

12-07-2009 04:33:52 UTC

@yuri: No tourist is close to winning to warrant this. Further, you should have proposed the way to get money first then.

redtara: they/them

13-07-2009 12:31:36 UTC

Arth, I’m sorry, alright? I don’t think I’ve done anything to warrant this hostility.


13-07-2009 12:46:53 UTC