Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Planet Excess

Making a post of this so that Glopso is aware that I’ve reverted the second action, but as I see it, Planet Express’s action of “switch to research, make learning materials, switch to exploration, make study pass, switch back to delivery” in the wiki history was illegal, since the ruleset at the time said “As a weekly action, any Earthling may take a Business Action on behalf of a Corporation that they are a member of, if no member of that Corporation has taken a Business Action for that Corporation earlier in the current week.” - both of these actions were Business Actions, so the second one couldn’t have been taken legally. Have I missed something?



01-09-2010 21:25:52 UTC

Yes; the entire sequence was illegal as glopso never commented on PE’s post with the changes in Trade - the same actually applies to any other changes in Trade made, which I’m too busy right now to go back and work through.