Monday, August 02, 2010

Proposal: Playing it by the Book

Times out, and Quorums 13-0 with TEN arrows. Kevan, either this prop is very flavorful, or everyone really likes pointing lasers at you. Enacted and a PP assigned. - lilomar

Adminned at 04 Aug 2010 08:25:21 UTC

Remove the paragraph beginning “Whenever the High-Programmer makes a blog post” from Rule 2.2.1 (Treason).

Enact a new Blue Rule, “Code of Conduct”:-

There exists a Code of Conduct document - initially empty - which lists any number of possible game actions, each of which has a trigger condition, a six-letter designation and an attached Treason or PP modifier, which may be positive or negative. The Code of Conduct document is maintained by the High-Programmer at a URL of his choice anywhere on the Internet. Any Officer or Citizen of Blue Clearance or higher may privately request the URL of the Code of Conduct document; the High-Programmer should privately respond to their request with the URL.

The High-Programmer may add a new action to the Code of Conduct document at any time, but may not remove or alter an existing action.

If a Citizen or Officer performs the trigger condition of an action listed on the Code of Conduct document, and that instance of the action has not yet been Processed, then any Citizen or Officer may - within 24 hours of the action - Process the action by modifying the Citizen’s Treason or PP by the proscribed amount, and citing the designation of the action (in either a blog comment, a blog post or a GNDT comment).

The High-Programmer is, of course, operating to a complex and consistent set of rules and manuals, when assigning and revoking Treason points. This merely formalises that behaviour and assigns it a Clearance.



02-08-2010 15:44:58 UTC

wabbit TREASON


02-08-2010 16:45:36 UTC

Just after a skim of this text, only blues and higher know what these secret rules may be?

And what do you mean by “citing the designation of the action”? This could be anything from “Citizen ___ has broken Conduct AXDIJE and is given 3 Treason Points” to “Citizen ___ has broken Conduct AXDIJE which states _____ by doing _____ action and will therefore be awarded 3 Treason Points”. I suspect though that you’re being vague on purpose though.

Also, should the text “the High-Programmer should privately respond” be changed to “the High-Programmer shall privately respond”? If it’s the former then the high programmer never has to tell anyone the URL to the conduct list.

On the whole though, I like it.  arrow  imperial

Kevan: he/him

02-08-2010 16:51:41 UTC

Yes, that’s the gist of it. I intended the designation thing to mean the former (the designation is defined as a six-letter code and nothing more), but it doesn’t preclude the latter.

And no, it was meant to be “should” rather than “shall”, to avoid giving the High-Programmer a compulsory action, in case there’s a breakdown in communication. I’d trust most Emperors to interpret a “should” action as “I should do this for the good of the game”.


02-08-2010 16:54:45 UTC

Fair enough. arrow  for


02-08-2010 17:08:18 UTC

Hmm, trying to transport the rules of Mao into out anti-communist society?  arrow  for


02-08-2010 17:28:38 UTC

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Didn’t you notice that we were already doing that?


02-08-2010 17:30:11 UTC

for TREASON, as flurie neglected to increase Kevan’s treason score.


02-08-2010 18:38:16 UTC


Darknight: he/him

02-08-2010 18:51:03 UTC



02-08-2010 19:57:37 UTC

arrow for Miao?


02-08-2010 20:51:37 UTC

arrow  for


02-08-2010 23:21:46 UTC

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02-08-2010 23:48:33 UTC

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I thought about proposing an open list of actions where you can gain Treason Points and PPs and was convinced it’s a bad idea. But with such a restriction: Nice. :)


03-08-2010 02:43:43 UTC

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The commies are definitely behind this.


03-08-2010 13:45:22 UTC

/me begins writing a 537 page document, with cross-references and lots and lots of footnotes…


04-08-2010 12:57:18 UTC

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