Sunday, December 14, 2008

Plot seeding

Dec. 14th 2:32PM
The two Shades looked on as workers finished putting the last of the flebotnum ore into a giant machine deep under the warehouse. “Your sure the ore is stable enough to use now?” the uninjured Shade muttered. The other Shade nodded slightly, eyes focused on the strange machine in front of him. “Very well then.” the first Shade said. “I’ll go to the control box and start the F.L.U.X. Once it destroys Rodlen and the… rest of his group, I can get the swan back from the young lad who has been so kind in tending to it after the car accident those idiots caused last month.” As he left to start the machine, the other Shade smiled and placed a note onto the table. He then turned and looked down into the lab as the F.L.U.X started up, bright green light glowing out of it. “This time I’ll make sure that I stay on task.” he muttered to himself as the events of the injured Shade’s timeline caught up to him. The machine suddenly glowed brighter, then blew up. As lab techs worked to contain the fire, the newly injured Shade stumbled into the office. “YOU SON OF A…” he started before seeing that the room was empty of life. He then saw the paper on the table, picked it up and read the note.

“By the time you read this, the events leading to my injury will have happened and set our timeline into place. I was indeed you, coming back to send you on a different path. You must “persuade” Smith into telling you how to stableize the ore. If you don’t… well lets just say the boss will be very upset.”


Darknight: he/him

14-12-2008 04:37:13 UTC

Also payed to change relationship