Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Plot seeding

9:30 AM
Old, stale newspapers fly into the air in a chaotic explosion of grunting and spluttering.  The scents of a body seldom washed and a flask seldom untouched saturate the air.  As the dust settles, a man is seen lounging inside of a large cardboard box smothered with grease stains.  He groans and takes a swig of his flask to beat back his ever-present hangover.  A sign lies next to him, crudely inscribed with the words, “War vet screwed by government.  Will wurk 4 booze”.  After another exasperated sigh and an obscene gesture in the direction of the sun, the man slowly manages to climb to his feet.  Rubbing his throbbing forehead, he stumbles over to a pair of trash cans in hopes of finding something to eat.  He notices a small bag lying haphazardly between the twin cans and shoves it casually into one of his many coat pockets along with some torn gloves and a half-eaten Big Mac.

I do not believe I have access to the wiki at this point in time.


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