Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Plot Seeding

Date: 18th November
Time: 22:42

A droplet of water blows in the night’s frigid wind. It comes to rest on a dark mass of fabric and is not noticed by the wearer of the 3-quarter length jacket before it disappears between the fibres.

Randall Capon, Private Eye, lets his face retreat further beneath his upturned collar as he treads on the remnants of his last cigarette.
His eye stops fleetingly on the pallid, flickering reflection of the BuckyStar Cafe’s neon sign on the damp sidewalk. He’s tramped the entire town looking for his next box of Marlboro’s.

This place is his last hope.




20-11-2008 14:28:46 UTC

I will add this on one condition: you change the occupation to something other than private eye.  We already have one private eye, and I don’t think we need more than one.


20-11-2008 14:44:31 UTC

Also, this post was made on the 19th, so I moved the date it occurred to the 19th.


20-11-2008 16:56:10 UTC

i thought we have a detective already…not a private eye? might make it interesting to have both an official and unofficial sleuth wandering about…

if you absolutely insist though, how about gun-for-hire instead of private eye?


20-11-2008 20:13:47 UTC

Eh, you make a good point.


20-11-2008 20:24:31 UTC

Good call on moving it to the 19th though. I actually meant to put it as the 19th but my finger must have slipped :)