Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plot Seeding

Duncan opened the case file “104238: Homicide: Andrea Montgomery 18/11/2008”

The rabbit hole was getting deeper. As the body lay in the morgue, more and more unusual things were popping up in the case. First there was the necklace. After making the relevant inquiries, Duncan had discovered that it had been bought not a week prior from Arth’s antique shop, on main street. After interrogating the shopkeep, Arth, an elderly, hunchbacked individual with thick horn-rimmed glasses and a slight preference for his right leg, Duncan ascertained that the purchaser had been a tall, middle aged, brown-haired man in a business suit who handed him a cheque in the name J. Smith, which the shopkeep had accepted in misplaced good faith. The cheque had bounced when he went to cash it, leaving the shopkeep out of pocket. Detective Ovangle had reassured him that he would try and ensure the necklace was returned following the conclusion of the investigation but could make no promises at this moment in time.

The woman had been identified as Andrea Montgomery. Despite living in the area her entire life, Duncan was having a hard time finding information about her from the other residents of the street. All the information he could gather about her was that she was somewhat of a recluse, and never said a word to any of her neighbours, though they were able to tell him that she was usually away from home from about 4pm - 11pm on weeknights. Her house was suspiciously empty, all it contained was a bed, a phone and a laptop, the hard drive of which had been wiped sometime in the last week, a couple of pots and pans, a few non-descript clothes.

The only other evidence he had to go by was that the murder weapon was an adjustable spanner, which had been determined during the autopsy. That and her nakedness, which still puzzled Duncan. This wasn’t the only case he was working on at the moment, and the others needed equal attention. He took a swig of whiskey and opened a case file that read “104244: Shade Industries Warehouse Robbery 18/11/2008” in big red letters across the top.


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