Monday, November 24, 2008

Plot Seeding

November 24, 9:25 PM

His co-worker stepped in from his break and Gnauga stepped out onto his. Finally, peace and quiet in the Main Street Alley. Nothing like some time to bring out a stool, a laptop, and hit the good ‘ol Blognomic.Half-way through a new post, there was a sudden crash and ensuing racket, coming from the DDF, or A, headquarters. The crash caused him to jump off of his stool, almost dropping his poor laptop onto the hard pavement. He caught it just in time, placed it gently on his stool, and ran to the sidewalk to see what the hell just interrupted him. His jaw dropped at the sight of a fairly awesome Deathship emerging from the headquarters, while black choppers buzzed around it, guns a-blazing both ways. He grabbed for his cellphone camera and snapped a couple of blurry pictures and one relatively clear picture, when he could finally get his hand to hold still. He gaped for a few minutes, when suddenly, the choppers stopped firing for a bit, turned around and seemed to be heading home for the night. He glanced at his cellphone clock, and dashed back inside. He scribbled a note to himself to call the local detective or private eye about this as soon as his shift ended at midnight, and stuffed it in his pocket.



24-11-2008 22:40:18 UTC

It makes more sense for the helicopters to be flying away after they had been called off, so I moved the time to 5 minutes after Shade said to call them off.


24-11-2008 23:16:06 UTC

“Nothing like some time to bring out a stool…”
“...caused him to jump off of his stool…”
“...placed it gently on his stool…”

He took a dump in the alley before jumping off it and putting his laptop in it?

Seriously, Gnauga, what kind of sick, warped mind have you got?


24-11-2008 23:19:10 UTC

Wrong kind of stool.


24-11-2008 23:50:35 UTC

Well, he does gape for a few minutes, so I was kinda hoping that would account for the few minutes. Additionally, I would like to ask you the same thing, jockawo.

Darknight: he/him

25-11-2008 00:28:45 UTC