Sunday, November 23, 2008

Proposal: plot seeding by random occurance

Timed out, failed 4-1 —Rodlen

Adminned at 24 Nov 2008 18:47:49 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Speeding up” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add the following to rule 2.4.1, random occurances

If the blog post contains any information that would usually be entered into the “plot summary” wiki page, it should be treated as a plot seed

So it would be counted towards the three posts per week and recieve pp.


Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 03:31:21 UTC



23-11-2008 09:19:40 UTC

What constitutes ‘information that would usually be entered?’


23-11-2008 11:13:17 UTC

“Information that would usually be entered into the “Present Time” section of the Plot Summary page under the sub-section that corresponds to the current date” if you want to be more precise.


23-11-2008 19:12:51 UTC

against If someone has already used their 3 per week, the word “should” would cause some confusion as to whether he can actually put a story in a random occurence post.  “Shall” would mean that he definitely could not; “may” would mean that he definitely could; but “should” is too ambiguous.


23-11-2008 19:13:38 UTC

Also, Oze’s argument is valid as well, but your “more precise” definition is not what is needed.


23-11-2008 19:16:18 UTC

I would suggest something along the lines of saying that when someone makes a random occurence post, he may make comment X to make it also a plot seed.  Even that wording would need to be “legalized”, but the general idea is there.


23-11-2008 23:23:31 UTC

I was just trying to make it simple and not use any uneccessary jargon, because I was berated for trying to “legalise” what I was saying.

I understand your objection to the use of “should”, but as for Oze’s comment, I don’t really see a basis for rejecting it based on the word “usually”. It is vague, but no more vague than the description of what constitutes a plot seed in the first place.

You could change “information” to “statements”, but there is no legislation that says entries to the plot summary page are required to be statements. It could easily be a phone number or something.

If I’m being a cock about things sorry, I’m just making an earnest attempt to learn.

Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 23:25:55 UTC

Don’t feel bad. Its a case of you read it one way and someone else reads it another.


24-11-2008 20:38:20 UTC

Loopholes are a-plenty, if you don’t watch your words.


25-11-2008 01:21:55 UTC

against Too ambiguous.


25-11-2008 01:37:25 UTC