Wednesday, February 06, 2013

POINT OF ORDER: Tabloid Mania

In this post, Purblebeard claims that Josh’s statements about gaining and losing credibility are contradictory, and this is clearly a matter of controversy as indicated by the fact that a CFJ was made about them. I believe that the statements are not contradictory since they refer to different points in time, and accordingly I ask that the Speaker rule the Tabloid Headline to have been illegal.



02-06-2013 20:27:11 UTC

I agree wholeheartedly, and give you the Gre- wait I just used that joke in robo’s unidling. Anyway, you’re talking to yourself.


02-07-2013 00:24:06 UTC

I know. But I’m going to rule on this in a few hours unless I hear arguments about why I should not. Them’s the Rules.


02-07-2013 01:27:05 UTC

Just wanted to say I also agree on this. One thing that concerns me if you went the other way is that it would open up the idea that you could take thing horribly out if context to show two contradictory statement. Just in the last few posts I can find several cases where that could be done.


02-07-2013 07:45:22 UTC

When determining of the correct interpretation of a rule, the relative convenience of the consequences of that interpretation should not be a factor. However, I’m happy to accept this judgement and eager to resume my struggle for legislation that benefits me personally matters to my constituents.