Saturday, April 08, 2017

Story Post: pokes wants to adopt 3

Lady-organs and Organmen of the undersea custody jury,

Let me be the first to admit that I may have become known less as a father to Cardok3 and more as the intrepid explorer of the Large Rock Outcropping named after myself, or the Vent of Laxness or The Black Vent, both now part the furthest known reaches from our ancestral home. Unfortunately, these explorations took me far from my Cardok3.

But today, I’m ready to be a mother to Cardok3. I’ve settled down since those days. Even when it meant tearing apart an entire creature, I came back. I’ve also proven myself to be a doting quadruple-father to our newborn Orao5, who could be raised by me alongside their (somewhere between one-eighth and one-half (?)) sibling.

And once Cardok3 and Orao5 become fully-fledged organs and my duty as a fathermother is done, I hope that they take on the taste for exploration that their father has, and that I can take them with me as a creature even beyond the territories we have charted as a species, past the Skeleton of Hunger and the twin Reefs of Solitude and Pedantry, carefully past the Black Crevice. I dream that I can do this with them someday, and with your help, I can.



04-09-2017 16:02:02 UTC

I laughed XD