Sunday, January 20, 2019

Post-dynasty discussion thread.

As stated by Kevan on Slack:

Haven't got the time for an analysis or an ascension today, but it'd be good to have a blog post for people to have a post-dynastic discussion on, given that Slack is impermanent. (And not every player is here on Slack anyway.)

So in the interest of filling time until Kevan XXIV, let's talk!



20-01-2019 19:34:13 UTC

I’ve already typed up my response on this dynasty’s wiki page. Click here for that.

I encourage everyone to add any responses you have to that page as well. Otherwise I will copy then for you.


21-01-2019 00:14:36 UTC

What is Slack?


21-01-2019 00:27:33 UTC

It’s a chatroom service aimed at businesses to help increase company productivity. BlogNomic has a room on the site that you can join. You can click the “get an invite” link in the sidebar to join and start chatting.

Kevan: City he/him

21-01-2019 12:33:07 UTC

Good point, the wiki is a good place for all this.

Kevan: City he/him

21-01-2019 12:35:23 UTC

Although for general discussion - was anyone else trying to negotiate payments from Prosecutors for VETO motions (“I think I will be able to defend this case and win $0; pay me half the payout you’d get from winning it, and I will throw it instead”), or was that just me? (It didn’t work.)