Saturday, November 22, 2008

Proposal: Powerful friends and enemies


Adminned at 23 Nov 2008 01:17:27 UTC

Add a rule to the ruleset titled “Murder” with the following text:

In the event that any Character or the Protagonist dies then any Character with a Relationship value of greater than 20 or lower than -20 shall be considered a Suspect.
Suspects will immediately have their Location set to The Jailhouse and may not move from this location until such time as they are no longer considered a Suspect.

A CfJ for any Suspect shall be held by posting a CfJ titled “Free CharacterX” where CharacterX is the name of the Suspect. A quorum of FOR votes results in CharacterX no longer being considered a Suspect. They are then free to move their Location.
A quorum of AGAINST votes results in CharacterX being considered Accused. An Accused Character cannot move from The Jailhouse. There may be multiple Accused Characters at any time.
Only the first CfJ posted for any Character is considered valid in determining what happens to their Suspect status.

Add a Location called “The Jailhouse” with the following text:

The town’s Jailhouse is a standard affair; the obligatory barred cells are present and the smell of burnt coffee, sweaty law enforcers and donuts is permanently in the air.
Normally they only have to deal with the odd drunk rolling out of Joey Wong’s and into the gutter, or the local kids throwing rocks through the lifeless windows of the Shade Industries Warehouse.
Occasionally, though, they have to deal with crimes rather more sinister…



22-11-2008 18:54:17 UTC

against Where would the status of Suspect or Accused be tracked?  Also, how are we supposed to determine whether a Character is guilty or innocent?


22-11-2008 19:08:20 UTC

The status could be implicit based on the events that have taken place…or use th GNDT.

I thought I’d leave it open for someone else to make an innocent/guilty rule…or a rule about storming the Jailhouse!


22-11-2008 19:11:30 UTC



22-11-2008 21:19:43 UTC


Darknight: he/him

22-11-2008 22:03:48 UTC



22-11-2008 22:39:02 UTC

Also, we have no mechanic for dying yet.


23-11-2008 01:56:24 UTC


Darknight: he/him

23-11-2008 03:42:57 UTC

prob best to veto to clear up and give him his proposal slot back


23-11-2008 06:33:32 UTC



23-11-2008 09:17:07 UTC

veto fair enough