Friday, August 10, 2018

Proposal: Powers of the Past

reached quorum 6-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 12 Aug 2018 16:41:53 UTC

change :

“An artifact tracks its name, its soul, its court, ”


“An artifact tracks its name, its soul, its court, its effects, ”

Add to the rule artifacts:

an artifact’s effects must be chosen from the Artifact Effects subrule, and have a total score of 0 or less. The number of effects must be less than or equal to the IP of the creator.

An artifact effect has a name, a score, and a body. They are listed in a bulleted list under the subrule “Artifact Effects” They are written name(score):body

When a mortal uses an artifact, they follow the instructions in the body of each effect listed in the artifact, and in the order listed on the artifact.

Create a subrule in “Artifacts” named “Artifact Effects”:

Bonding Time (-1): Age 20 years
Injury (-1): reduce HP by 30
Power Requirement (-1): reduce EP by 10
Death (-3): set your HP to 0
Bind Scholar (1): set your binding to scholar
Bind Mystic (1): set your binding to mystic
Bind Warrior (1): set your binding to warrior
Bind Laborer (1): set your binding to Laborer
Bind Court (1): set your binding to the court of the artifact
Bind Role (2): set your binding to any role
Bind Soul (1): set your binding to that of a soul with the same court as you
Bind To Legend (2): set your binding to that of any soul
Youth (1): reduce your age by 15 years
Healing (1): increase your HP by 20
Power (1): increase your EP by 5
Strengthen Soul (3): increase your IP by 1

Add to the list of possible artifact names:


Let me know if I’m proposing too much and overwhelming you folks!



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I honestly dunno where this game is going so sure for


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Kevan: he/him

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