Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Ascension Address: Prediction of Future Events using Parallel Universe Observation

By Dr. Roberts, Dr. Lenhart, and Dr. Tables
University of BlogNomic, blognomic.com, The Internet, Earth, Universe #201

Although quantum mechanics have been studied for many years, physicists have yet to discover how to predict how a particular particle’s wavefunction will collapse.  However, the confirmation of the existence of parallel universes has opened up a new possibility for predicting short-term quantum behavior, as well as long-term future events.  In this paper, we design a theoretical system to predict the outcome of the collapse of a single quantum bit, then extrapolate that method to larger events.  We also provide a list of potential applications in the fields of chemistry, mathematics, politics, competitive e-sports, and computer science, as well as an estimate for the amount of energy and computing power that would be necessary to operate such a system.

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