Thursday, January 19, 2006

Proposal: Prepare to Board Repellers

8-0, reaches quorurm.  Enacted by Excalabur

Adminned at 20 Jan 2006 08:07:23 UTC

Enact a new Rule, “Adventures”:-

Whenever the mood takes him, the Captain may post to the weblog announcing an exciting piratical Adventure - a raid or a treasure dig or any such escapade - with a level of Danger and doubloon-measured Reward of his choosing.

Any Swashbuckler may join this Adventure by rolling an X sided die in the GNDT, where X is the Danger level of this Adventure. If the roll is less than or equal to the total of the Swashbuckler’s GPS and Style, then they are successful on the Adventure - if not, then they are injured, lost or otherwise useless, and lose 1 GPS. The result of this should be posted as a comment to the Adventure entry.

After at least 24 hours, the Captain may declare the Adventure over - the Reward is divided equally between all those who were successful on it, with any remainder going to the Captain.



01-19-2006 17:12:05 UTC

for Most excellent.


01-19-2006 17:26:56 UTC



01-19-2006 20:29:57 UTC

for Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!


01-19-2006 23:15:06 UTC


Elias IX:

01-19-2006 23:18:59 UTC

That remainder to the Captain bit is brilliant. I was thinking of a way to divide the Booty based on GPS, and I was thinking of this.

I was hoping that the cumulative GPS of the crew would have an impact on the success of a plunder, but this works well enough.

Shiver me timbers!


01-20-2006 02:02:20 UTC



01-20-2006 11:04:20 UTC

for Yarr!