Friday, February 20, 2015

Proposal: Prisoner Exchange [Demand]

Vetoed.  Darknight

Adminned at 22 Feb 2015 21:50:21 UTC

Add “Paranoid” to the emotions of all Crewmembers.

Within 24 hours of the enactment of this proposal, the Ship’s Computer should select a non-Disabled Android at random. That Android gains one additional use of their Phaser. The Ship’s Computer should then immediately PM that Android to notify them of that fact.



20-02-2015 09:30:49 UTC

against Thanks for the offer to re-enable Trials, but I doubt I’ll need your help for that.

Josh: he/they

20-02-2015 09:33:40 UTC

against Interesting. Some if the subtext of this appears to be “we’re united”, but the mistiming with the sabotages suggests anything but.


20-02-2015 09:47:26 UTC

Incidentally, this proposal probably doesn’t work the way the Androids think it does.

From the Glossary, “Rules and Proposals”:

If the admin enacting a proposal reaches a step which cannot be applied immediately (eg. “two days after this proposal enacts, Crewmember A gains 1 point”), that step is ignored for the purposes of enactment. Once a proposal has been enacted, it can have no further direct effect on the gamestate.

I don’t really want to risk it being ruled that “Phaser shots remaining” is some sort of gamestate value, though (even though the rules don’t seem to treat it like one).


20-02-2015 23:21:55 UTC


Darknight: he/him

20-02-2015 23:31:29 UTC



21-02-2015 00:32:07 UTC

imperial to discourage Brendan from his current course of action. This isn’t a running joke any more. This is serious.


21-02-2015 01:47:52 UTC



21-02-2015 02:09:38 UTC

imperial Let Josh win! :)


21-02-2015 02:43:10 UTC

Everything about this society is now pro-Android. We have to push back and make the society a little more equal.


21-02-2015 06:26:31 UTC



21-02-2015 21:46:07 UTC

against Irrelevant now the dynasty’s over.

Josh: he/they

22-02-2015 20:41:28 UTC