Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proposal: Proper items


Adminned at 18 Jul 2008 07:58:58 UTC

Create a new rule called *Items* with the following text.

This rule shall contain any items that an adventurer may hold. Items that an adventurer holds shall be listed in eir section of the Character Sheet document in a subsection named Items. An item that has already been created may be awarded to an adventurer by the DM for actions taken during an adventure. Only the adventurer holding the item can cause any changes to the gamestate that the item may allow. Some items have a number of uses called charges, to be set during the items creation. When a charged item runs out of charges it can no longer be used.

This is my take on items. Hope it works for you guys.



07-16-2008 23:31:36 UTC


If it goes on character sheets, make it a sub-rule of character sheets.


07-17-2008 00:08:49 UTC

picky aren’t ya?


07-17-2008 00:17:18 UTC

It’s the first reason that Yoda gave for failing the previous example :P I suppose if enough people like this, we can push it through and I’ll propose we move THIS thing to. But I’d prefer not to give out free gold like that. :P


07-17-2008 03:04:06 UTC

against for previously stated reasons, plus I’m still not a fan of the wording


07-17-2008 14:48:20 UTC

FFR: daytime proposal


07-18-2008 14:58:11 UTC

veto to keep queue moving