Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Proposal: Admin Edits

I propose a new rule 2.7 Edit Cuts
Once per Act an admin [aka editor] can cut one scene from the Act before it is finalized.

I didn’t feel like most of the scenes in the prologue flowed a as a whole, could someone tighten it up.



03-17-2009 15:33:35 UTC

This is not a proposal. Also, please use blockquote for the text of rules.


03-17-2009 16:11:05 UTC

To make proposals, you go to the category tab and select proposal. Then it automatically gets prefixed by “Proposal:” as well as getting the checkbox thing and going into the pending proposal list.


03-17-2009 16:26:25 UTC

Maybe it’s time for a friendly “your first proposal” new-player guide on the wiki? At the moment this is buried in the FAQ.